Our First Christmas

My wife and I spent our first Christmas as husband and wife. We slept in, we made breakfast, and shared a wonderful morning together. I think it may have been the best Christmas, it was not because of the gifts, we had none, it was not the gut busting food, we were on a tight budget. It was the joy of being together, to be married, and to be in love.


@MarriedLife An Intro

I started this blog a year ago after a bad break up to express my feelings and thought on the subject. I however returned to the dating world sooner than I thought and am now married. my wife and I were married on November 14, 2009. I have known Mary for over 5 years  and in fact my sister which was her next door neighbor has been trying to set us up for just as long. I have a different outlook on life now and see many of the things I previously blogged about in new light. I plan to set out on a journey and share my thoughts, my feelings, my plights of married life and being a husband. I encourage comments, suggestions, questions, and advice. I hope that I can offer my insight into Married Life and learning to love, sacrifice, compromise, and grow with each other.